QUESTION: Is Islam The Religious Right’s Future?

In “That Hideous Strength,” a 1945 science-fiction book by C.S. Lewis, a group of Christian dissidents team up with the magician Merlin, who has been raised from the dead, to battle a techno-satanist conspiracy that threatens to consume Britain and ultimately the whole globe.

In light of the fact that Christianity has been “torn in pieces” and “speaks with a divided voice,” Merlin offers the following audacious recommendation:

If the whole western hemisphere is apostate, is it not permissible for us to turn elsewhere—beyond Christendom—in light of our pressing needs? he wonders.

Many American Christians are asking themselves the same question today in a nation where progressives are quickly mainstreaming satanism and the Oval Office is controlled by a “devout Catholic” who supports chemically castrating infants. Muslims and Christians dispute on whether or not Muhammad was a prophet, whether or not pork is prohibited, and whether or not Christ was divine. Nevertheless, they agree that there are two genders, euthanasia is abhorrent, and first graders shouldn’t be taught about homosexual sex. According to Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, they both believe that the goal of humanity is to exalt God and carry out His will, not to “define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life.”

Conservative Christians demonstrated against Sharia rule six years ago. Many people nowadays would choose to live under the Islamic Crescent rather the Pride Flag. And it could end up being the option available. Neutrality is a fallacy, and Christians are slowly and sadly realizing this. There are just two options: Christian hegemony or one of many dhimmitudes.

Traditional followers of the two religions have previously united to fight against advancing totalitarianism. Conservative Americans were more inclined to post memes criticizing NGO initiatives to transform Afghan hijabis into free girlbosses when Kabul fell to the Taliban than they were to bemoan the expulsion of women from the nation’s colleges. Nick Fuentes, a far-right Holocaust denier, said that American right-wingers were supporting the Taliban because they opposed homosexuality and abortion.

Conservative Christian commentators like Candace Owens and Matt Walsh have made anti-feminist and anti-trans remarks that have “circulated widely among traditional Muslims,” according to a column by writer Rasha Al Aqeedi for New Lines Magazine. Muslim parents in Dearborn, Michigan interrupted a school board meeting after finding that the library at the school had, among other books, a manual describing the “ins and outs of gay sex.”

On the right and at its outskirts, some figures are endorsing or even embracing Islam. (CONNECTED: Muslim Community Protests ‘Sexually Explicit’ Books In Schools, Disrupts Board Meeting)

Christian conservative artist Zuby tweeted on May 16: “I would feel more comfortable raising my future children in [Saudi Arabia], Qatar, or [the United Arab Emirates] than UK, USA, or Canada.” “The society is less uncivilized and unfriendly. Real-time inversions of reality and morality are not occurring. Similar sentiments are expressed by right-leaning French author Michel Houellebecq in his 2015 book “Submission,” in which an Islamist party seizes power in France and adds much-needed steel to the country’s osteoporotic backbone. One character explains his conversion by saying, “Without Christianity, the European nations had become bodies without souls—zombies.”

In October 2022, Andrew Tate, a British kickboxer and influencer on masculinity who is presently being investigated for sex trafficking, made the announcement that he had converted to Islam. (RELATED: Some Taliban Backers Seem to Have Criticized Andrew Tate’s Arrest: ‘Oppressed By Feminists’)

As far as anybody knows, Tate is still a known womanizer who routinely poses with whiskey tumblers. He and other guys like him are drawn to Islam’s cultural politics rather than its asceticism or theology. The claim is that Christianity has devolved into a collection of namby-pamby platitudes that inexorably result in open borders, puberty denial, and anarchic streets. Only Islam provides a way out of the feminine dystopia some refer to as “the longhouse.”

Another convert, a Tate-near streamer by the name of Sneako, highlighted one benefit Islam has over Christianity: it’s easier. In a widely shared excerpt from a recent interview, Sneako said, “Catholicism has some crazy things. What in the name of God is the Holy Spirit? You’re consuming a cracker as the body of Christ. Is this a piece of Jesus’ toe?

Islam has a rich mystical heritage, but its fundamental ideas are often more simpler to understand. The fundamental contradiction that God is both three and one lies at the core of Christianity. Both heavenly and human, Christ. We are instructed to continually pray and to give our bodies as living sacrifices.

One God is declared in Islam. Muslims do five daily prayers and give 2.5 percent of their income to charity. There is no need to debate transubstantiation or trinitarianism.

Of course, there are varieties of Christianity that provide a similarly condensed message and use the evangelical “Sinner’s Prayer” in place of the Muslim creed (or “shahadah”). The issue is that such seeker-sensitive churches often avoid raising the bar for potential recruits out of concern that they would turn them away.

That’s the issue for a lot of young individuals, particularly young males. They are sick of being told to hang loose and stifle their passion for greatness in both schools and churches.

Even Roman Catholicism has fallen behind in terms of rigidity. It’s just necessary to abstain from meat, one large meal, and two little snacks on two days out of the year. As much as I appreciate Catholicism, Muslim writer Sarah Hagi remarked, “you can’t pretend that Lent, 40 days when you decide to give up something because it’s your vice, is not simply a baby version of the 30 days a year I spend starving myself during Ramadan. Catholicism is a religion for the weak.

Pope Francis has sought to limit the Latin Mass, so traditionalist Christians desiring a stricter version of Catholicism are compelled to recreate the ancient customs for themselves.

The same pope who sent pro-abortion activists to pontifical colleges, instructed Joe Biden to continue taking communion, and even assured a youngster that his deceased atheist father was in paradise. One may see young guys yearning for a “based” faith choosing elsewhere. (RELATED: FBI Will Conduct Internal Review, Retract Catholic Infiltration Memo)

For some people, Eastern Orthodoxy offers that “elsewhere,” enforcing the stringent fasting regulations that Catholicism has abandoned. Tate previously referred to himself as Orthodox and praised Romanian followers for assaulting anybody who disregarded their faith. However, some red-faced young searchers come to the conclusion that Christianity is tainted from the start (particularly if they have read Neitzsche).

Such individuals have much to gain from Islam, including its simplicity in theology, strictness in practices, traditionalism in culture, and separation from the corrupt post-Christian West.

Additionally, it offers a political stance that Christianity lacks. The “ummah” (or “community”), or group of people who follow Muhammad, has existed from the beginning. They were a unified political-religious force that was well armed and committed to violent conquest. For such an organization, its rules and scriptures were written.

In contrast, early Christianity was a loose network of small, helpless house churches dispersed across the major cities of the Roman Empire. Christ’s disciples understood what it meant to live as sojourners in a non-Christian community by the time Constantine came 300 years later. Today, the separation of religion and state has been restored, and active Christians are once again the minority. While some are ready to re-enter the catacombs, others, who identify as “integralists” or “Christian Nationalists,” want to restore their religion’s complete separation from secular authority. The Ayatollah Khomeini once declared, “Islam is politics or it is nothing.” The majority of right-wing Christians would agree if the religion were changed. There isn’t a square inch in the whole of our human life over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not shout, “Mine!” as said by Dutch preacher and politician Abraham Kuyper. According to a survey, the majority of Republicans adhere to or support Christian nationalism.

Traditionalists of both the Islamic and Christian faiths will dispute over which religion should rule, but they may stand together in condemning a materialist, individualist society that has destroyed not just God but mankind itself.

Despite running for president four years earlier on a blatantly anti-Muslim platform, Trump received 35% of the Muslim vote in 2020. Expect more Muslims to support the Republican cause as the War on Terror’s legacy diminishes and liberalism grows more oppressive. Conservative Muslim pundits (like former Miss New Jersey Sameera Khan) should be on the increase. Additionally, a number of well-known people on the right should convert in the future.

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