Pakistan: Oxygenator Shortages Halt Heart Surgeries in Punjab Facilities

Heart surgeries have been halted across various facilities in Punjab due to shortages of oxygenators. This crisis has left patients in a dire state, with doctors scrambling to find alternate solutions.

According to reports, hospitals in Punjab have been grappling with oxygenator shortages for several weeks now, resulting in the cancellation of heart surgeries. These shortages have also impacted the treatment of COVID-19 patients, who require oxygen to breathe.

Oxygenators are a vital component of heart surgery equipment, as they are used to circulate oxygenated blood throughout the body during the surgery. The shortage of this critical equipment has resulted in hospitals being forced to turn away patients, or delay their surgeries indefinitely.

Health officials have expressed concern about the situation and are urgently seeking solutions to the crisis. They have called for the government to step in and provide immediate assistance, to ensure that hospitals have access to the necessary equipment to save lives.

In the meantime, hospitals are struggling to cope with the situation, with doctors and staff working tirelessly to find alternative solutions. The shortage of oxygenators is a severe blow to the healthcare system, and urgent action is required to address this crisis.

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