Nearly 230 Afghan migrants are deported from Turkey

Most Afghan refugees who were deported, according to reports, were unauthorized and illegal immigrants.

According to the reports, the Turkish government has highlighted that they would keep tracking down unauthorized asylum seekers in the eastern city of Agri.

Out of 124,441 illegal migrants during the course of the previous year, the General Directorate of Migration of Turkey had reported deporting 68,290 Afghan asylum applicants.

According to the General Directorate of Migration, 68,290 Afghan citizens, 12,511 Pakistanis, and immigrants from other nations were deported from Turkey in the preceding year. The migration office of the Turkish government asserts that it would deport more unauthorized immigrants and asylum applicants this year, including 227 Afghan nationals.

Thousands of Afghans have fled to neighboring countries since the Taliban retook control of Afghanistan in August 2021 because of fear of being physically harassed, persecuted, or murdered.

The majority of Afghan immigrants took perilous and illegal routes to get to neighboring nations like Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey. They have been living in fear for months, and now they face prison time and forced deportation.

“Going back to Afghanistan is like committing death. I had to go through a lot of hardship to get to Turkey, and now they’re deporting me without my will. An Afghan refugee stated, “I have no option except to terminate my life—better now than later.

Similar to this, neighboring nations like Iran and Pakistan often deport Afghan immigrants.

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