Pakistani kids in Bajaur demonstrate over a lack of instructors

According to a report in Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper, the pupils of a government boys’ middle school in a rural part of Bajaur province protested about the lack of instructors on Saturday.

Newspaper in English published in Pakistan is called Dawn.
The protest was conducted in front of the school in Chamarkand Tehsil, which is close to the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

The children, according to Dawn, yelled anti-education department chants and claimed there were only two instructors at the school right now. They said that the other instructors had either transferred themselves or had been missing for a while.
They observed that more than 500 children’ academic performance had been negatively impacted by the teacher shortage. The pupils said that local elders had attempted to alert the relevant senior authorities to the problem, but to no effect.

According to the pupils, education department representatives promised to find at least five instructors during their visit to the school two months ago, but they haven’t followed through on their pledge.

The school’s needed number of instructors had to be appointed, according to the students’ demands to the education department.

According to recent reports in Pakistan’s local media, the state of the education system in North and South Waziristan is awful, with crumbling school structures and a lack of teaching and other employees.
According to Nai Baat, hundreds of pupils are compelled to abandon their schools since no lessons are held and there are also no textbooks or stationery available.

After the 9/11 war on terror, numerous schools were damaged as a result of clashes near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border in tribal regions, and people were evacuated during the operations.
Prior to 2014, North Waziristan, one of the seven tribal agencies of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, served as a haven for both domestic and foreign terrorist organizations.

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