In the journalist abduction case, the court summons police officers.

Aamer Farooq, the Chief Justice of the IHC, also gave the Secretary of the Interior instructions to post information about all the cases brought against the journalist.

Ibrahim’s plea for his return was being heard when the Aabpara police SHO notified the court that a FIR had been filed in connection with the journalist’s abduction.

The state attorney told the court that the police were taking down the witness testimonies and that the investigation will go forward in accordance with that.

He said that neither the FIA nor the Islamabad police had filed any charges against the journalist.

He said that it was unable to contact the interior ministry to learn more about the charges brought against Ibrahim.

Justice Farooq voiced his anger with the police’s laziness and asked whether there were any CCTV cameras in the area where Ibrahim vanished.

SHO told the court he will investigate that. Ibrahim was not in the custody of any intelligence services that were under the ministry’s administrative supervision, the legal counsel for the Ministry of Defence said the court. But he wanted some time to do a thorough ground examination.

The court continued this case’s hearing until May 29. The petitioner’s attorney claimed in court that unidentified individuals had taken Sami Ibrahim from 7th Avenue.

In order to retrieve Ibrahim, he asked the court to provide instructions to the responding authorities.

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