Imran Khan has more security than other ex-PMs


Official information shared with The News shows that Imran Khan has been provided 255 security officials from different law-enforcing agencies. There is also a small number of private security guards deployed for Khan’s safety. He has also been provided with five vehicles and jammers.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi is, however, a pleasant and unique example, as he does not have even a single government security official with him as former chief executive of the country.

Yousaf Raza Gillani has been provided with only three house guards whereas one police escort is provided to him on demand. Raja Pervez Ashraf has been offered three gunmen and two FC guards. One police escort is provided to him on demand.

In the case of Imran Khan, there is a heavy deployment of security personnel from different departments, including Islamabad, KPK, GB police, FC, Rangers, Askari guards, Banigala Security guards.

There is one SP level police officer, four inspectors, two sub-inspectors, 19 assistant sub-inspectors/subedars, 179 constables, two lady police officials, two Special Branch personnel, 15 CTD force officials, three drivers and 28 guards deployed for Imran Khan’s security.

There are 77 personnel from Islamabad Police, 57 from KP, eight from GB police, 78 from FC, six from Rangers, nine from Askari Guards, 20 from Banigala security guards. The government vehicles provided to Imran Khan for his security are a Land Cruiser, two jammers vehicles (one each from GB and KP police) and two pickups.

Only recently, it was reported in the Rawalpindi area, a Land Cruiser in Imran Khan’s convoy had caught fire due to a short-circuit. It is said that Imran Khan was returning from Gujrat when the incident had taken place near the Rawat Police Station in the jurisdiction of Rawalpindi.

The Land Cruiser (IDF-4194) reportedly belonged to the Punjab CM’s Secretariat and was bulletproof. At the time of the incident, only security officials were inside the vehicle and all of them remained safe.

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