Bilal Kaka killing: people came on street for justice

Sindh, Pakistan:
Bilal Kaka was shot dead by Pathans at a restaurant over a food bill during Eidul Adha. Reports in local media said that the hotel owners allegedly shot dead Bilal Kaka and injured his two friends after a dispute over a food bill at the Super Salateen Hotel near Wadhu Wah near Hyderabad bypass – one of the most popular areas in Hyderabad, Daily Pakistan reported.
Porhiyat Tehreek (Labour Tehreek) held demonstrations in front of Hyderabad Press Club where speakers said there has been a conspiracy right since the formation of the country to reduce Sindhis into a minority in Sindh, reported local media.
According to the local media, illegal Afghan residents are involved in narcotics and money lending at a heavy rate of interest. It further noted that they were also involved in killing the Sindhi youths.
The local media further pointed out that police authorities and others in law-enforcement departments do not act against such elements.
They said Balal Kaka’s case is not just one isolated case but it is the result of an influx of outsiders into Sindh. They said peaceful political movements are the only way out to get rid of outsiders’ influx into Sindh.
Meanwhile, Sindh United Party Chairman and Convener of Sindh Action Committee, Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah said that the law-and-order problem in Sindh is increasing because of the Afghans living in Sindh and others coming to Sindh from elsewhere.
Hundreds of protesters from the Kaka tribe took to the national highway in Sindh province to protest against the killing of Balal Kaka.
Rallies were held at Qambar, Jacobabad, Nawabashah, Tando Mohammad Khan, Halan, and at Kariyo Ghunoor by different groups including nationalist Jiye Sindh Quami Mahaz and Awami Tehreek, Sindh Tarqui Pasand’s Students’ Federation and Sindh United Party.
Jiye Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) has announced demonstrations across Sindh Friday on July 15 demanding the ouster of outsiders in Sindh, reported local media.
JSQM chairman said that Afghans staying in Sindh are the major reason for ruining Sindh. Taking a dig at authorities, he said that the Afghans also seem to have got licenses now to kill Sindhi youth in Karachi and Hyderabad.

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