Imran Khan accused of lying in polls by Brig Ranjha


Brig Muzaffar Ranjha (retd), former director general of Punjab’s anti-corruption establishment said: “I consider it below my dignity to respond to allegations levelled by a liar, but I am responding as he has publicly made these allegations.”

Imran Khan has accused Ranjha of manipulating the 2013 elections in PMLN’s favour. Ranjha said he stands firm on his May 4 interview when he offered Imran to agree on formation of a commission to investigate his allegations. “But before this, we both should sign an affidavit that whosoever is found guilty would be liable to capital punishment,” he added.

Ranjha said, “I made this offer in May [2018]. At that time when the media asked Imran about it, he said it was political statement. Imran remained prime minister for four years, but did not raise this issue at any forum. Now he is taking up this issue again. The objective is to make our mother-like institution (Pak army) controversial.”

Ranjha said, “I believe Imran has lost his mind after losing power. He has never been in favour of the armed forces. He only exploited the military… His sole objective is to make the army controversial. I can offer my sacrifice, but I won’t let him make the army controversial. Now, the military talked about not interfering in politics, he is hurling allegations randomly. I challenge him to face me at any forum. I am ready for any punishment if proven wrong.”

Ranjha said he left the army so that Imran does not point the finger at the army. He advised the nation to “ignore the wild allegations of a pathological liar like Imran”.

He recalled that Imran had given a word to a “very senior official in the state institutions” in 2018 that he would not repeat his allegations as it was his “political statement”, and that he did not have any proof.

“If he [Imran] opens his mouth again, then I would go to a public forum and spill the beans. He should realise that I know everything about him because I have also served as intelligence officer,” said Ranjha.

“I’ll take him to court. I’ll take him to other forums because this man has made it a habit to randomly hurl allegations and then get away with it,” he said, recalling how Imran had levelled allegations against Najam Sethi and Mian Shehbaz Sharif. “If things are in his favour, then everything is ok. But if things don’t play out in his favour, then the whole world is wrong.”

Ranjha claimed that he had an “unblemished career” and could face anything. “He [Imran Khan] is a morally, financially, intellectually and socially corrupt person. I’m a respectable person. It’s below my dignity to respond to such a pathological liar,” he added. Ranjha said that Imran thinks he is a big politician. “I challenge him to contest elections against me. I will defeat him,” he added.

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