Checkpost attack done by Balochitan Liberation Front: Paksitan

Balochistan, Pakistan: Taking to Twitter, SAMRI said, “Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), claims responsibility for a grenade attack on Apsar Abdruk check post in Turbat city. The attack reportedly killed one Pakistani soldier and wounded another.”Recently, Baloch resistance forces attacked Frontier Corps camps in Panjgur and Noshki areas of Balochistan which meted out heavy casualties to the security forces.

Earlier, an attack on security forces by the Baloch Liberation Front (BLF) guerrillas in Kech killed at least 10 Pakistan soldiers. The intensity of these attacks can be guessed from the fact that Pakistan Army has reportedly had to press helicopter gunships and armoured personnel carriers into operations against the Baloch fighters.

President of Baloch Voice Association, Munir, said that people in Balochistan have no rights and there is intense poverty in the region despite it having rich mineral reserves.

He said the people inside Balochistan are living under martial law where the military do whatever they want to do. “They are abusing the rights of the people, they are disappearing the people, they are extra-judicial killing the people with impunity and this has been the strategic design to rule on and dominate the people inside Balochistan,” he added.

The Baloch are also against the Pakistani security forces as the region has registered thousands of disappearances of political activists, intellectuals, journalists and students. The families of the victims continue to protest in Quetta city and other parts of Pakistan but the government has ignored their grievances and left them in misery.

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