Where did the city of garden go?

Lahore which was once called city of gardens is now changed to pollution, garbage and dirt. The beautiful river Ravi used to flow with all its pride from the city but today, it has changed into one small string.  

Once upon a time, she was fair, clear, bright, serene and tranquil. Lahore had spotless beauty full of mesmerizing and captivating persona. Lahore was the city of gardens. This is not a fairy tale – a fictitious and imaginary story rather the sad reality that unfortunately my city, your city and our city is no longer the same. Distorted, tortured, and abused, Lahore cries out and wails: “Who is responsible for my dilapidated state?”

Does the responsibility of damaging this enchanting city rest with the government or its citizens? The beautiful River Ravi that flowed with power and strength has been squeezed to a mere string that is full of knots of garbage: plastic bags, straws and rags; distort its magnificence and grandeur. The river like the city has bowed down to the increasing demands of the people and is buried under the weight of the waste of its inhabitants. Ravi that was once surrounded by lush green terrain; now unfortunately is enveloped by slums, shanties, huts and mangled infrastructure. The river weeps and screams: “Who will make me pure again?”

The city that was once surrounded by spacious fields, picturesque meadows and quaint pastures, that were habitats for a plethora of flora and fauna have now been swiped over by factories and housing estates. Urbanization and the demand of the ever-growing population have dramatically and adversely changed the landscape. The city groans, stretching beyond its capacity under the burden of the massive population.The mutilated and battered city whines and howls: “Who will reduce my pain and torture?

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