A Chinese national is killed and hanged in a room of Port Qasim, Pakistan

A body was found hanged in a room of Port Qasim which is recognised to be a Chinese National

The deceased was identified as Li Wenzhang, 53, a national of the People’s Republic of China.

He came to Karachi six months ago.

His body was found inside a power station at the Port Muhammad Bin Qasim.

The port officials believed that he had died by suicide. They moved the body to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC) to obtain a death certificate.

JPMC Additional Police Surgeon (APS) Dr Sumaiyya Syed told Samaa Digital that the port officials strongly believed that it was a death by suicide but medicolegal officials thought otherwise.

“The port officials were insisting not to perform postmortem, but medico-legal section refused to issue a certificate and to declar it a death by suicide,” the APS told SAMAA Digital.

“The postmortem has been completed and the cause of the death has been reserved,” she said.

The police officials shared with the police surgeon a video that shows the body hanged by the door of a room, she added.

The 53-year-old was murdered and later hanged, the police surgeon said.

The video, obtained by SAMAA Digital, shows Wenzhang propped against a room door with his feet touching the ground. A piece of cloth is wrapped around his neck and the top part of the door, holding him straight.

The police have already launched an investigation and have been recording statements of Wenzhang’s colleagues.

Bin Qasim Police Station SHO Imran Afridi says a Crime Scene Unit arrived at Port Qasim to collect the evidence.

East Zone DIG Muqadas Haider told SAMAA Digital that Police is also investigating the incident as a murder and not as a suicide.

However, he said the motive of the murder could not be ascertained immediately.

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