Supreme Court of Pakistan passed the judgement to demolish properties of Mohajirs: MQM staged a protest against the decision

The apex court of Pakistan has passed the decision to demolish all the private and public properties of Mohajirs in Karachi. The workers of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) urged US to stand against the decision and staged protest outside White House.

MQM has reportedly also defined the court’s decision as a move to make Sindh a federal colony while the movement has demanded a separate nation for Sindhis. The MQM supporters on Sunday, November 7, gathered outside the White House and chanted slogans demanding freedom. The media report stated that the MQM Central Organizing Committee and workers of varying chapters from different cities in the United States and their families took part in the demonstration. 

The members of the MQM Central Coordination committee including Rehan Ibadat and Mahfdooz Haideri also took part in the rally. ANI has stated that the Pakistani apex court’s gruesome order of blowing up Nasla Tower in Karachi, demolition of other Mohajir houses and businesses, extrajudicial killings of Mohajirs and Sindhis by the country’s army and paramilitary, enforced disappearances are a few of the issues that MQM and Mohajirs are facing. 

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