Pakistani nationals protest against Human rights violation in Sindh

London, UK: People of Sindh are facing human rights violations by Pakistani army and Government. On August 14, Independence Day of Pakistan, Pakistani nationals in London held protest against the violation of Human rights in Sindh.  

Protestors on Saturday carried placards that read “14 August is Black Day for Baloch and Sindhis” and “Stop genocide of Baloch people” and shouted slogans against Pakistan.

Meanwhile, anti-Pakistan protests across the globe were also organised and the demonstrators raised their voices against Islamabad’s role in the Afghanistan debacle and blamed the country for helping the Taliban.

Multiple protests were held in the US, Australia, Canada, the UK, and Austria on Sunday against the Taliban’s seizure of key regions and brutal offensive in Afghanistan.

Around 300 persons also gathered at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on Saturday protesting against Pakistan for supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan

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