Bad Weather and Power Outages

In the middle of spring,  the Valley is finding itself grappling with two significant challenges: the looming threat of floods and an unprecedented power crisis. The heavy rains have raised concerns about potential flooding. At the same time, the people of Kashmir are facing a severe shortage of electricity, plunging the Valley into darkness despite the arrival of spring.

The recent heavy rains and snowfall have led to a rise in the water levels of rivers and streams in Kashmir. Upper reaches of the region have experienced fresh snowfall, further exacerbating the situation. The Meteorological Department has forecasted more rains and light snowfall over the next few days, which could potentially worsen the flooding situation.ADVERTISEMENT

Despite these alarming developments, the administration has assured the public that there is currently no immediate threat of flooding in the Valley. The Irrigation and Flood Control (I&FC) department has been actively monitoring the situation, and as of now, the water levels in most areas remain below the warning threshold. However, given the unpredictable nature of weather patterns, it is imperative that the administration takes proactive measures to prepare for any eventualities.

The people of Kashmir are already facing a severe power crisis, described by many as the worst in decades. Despite recent hikes in electricity tariffs and the installation of smart meters, the Valley is experiencing prolonged power outages, disrupting daily life for its residents. The situation has become so dire that even areas with metered electricity supply are facing frequent disruptions, forcing residents to resort to primitive lighting sources like gas lamps and candles.

The impact of this power crisis is widespread, affecting not only residential areas but also businesses and essential services. Patients relying on medical equipment such as oxygen concentrators are particularly vulnerable, as frequent power outages threaten their lives. The lack of electricity has also disrupted household routines, with women, primarily responsible for household chores, bearing the brunt of the crisis.

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It is evident that the administration must urgently address these pressing issues. Firstly, measures must be taken to prepare for potential floods on a war-footing. The administration should ensure that adequate resources and manpower are in place to deal with any emergency situations that may arise. Secondly, steps must be taken to stabilize the power supply in Kashmir. The Kashmir Power Development Corporation Limited (KPDCL) must work towards improving power availability and reducing the frequency of power outages. The people of Kashmir deserve better, and it is the responsibility of the administration to ensure their safety and well-being

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