Afghanistan’s girls are still not allowed to attend universities, even after more than 450 days of closure.

Universities in Afghanistan remain closed to girls, with no signs of reopening. Female students urge the Talibani caretaker government to prioritize reopening for academic progress. Concerns voiced by professors. Former President Karzai underscores urgency.

Despite over 450 days passing, universities in Afghanistan remain closed to girls, with no signs of reopening on the horizon, TOLO News reported.

Expressing their fustration, female students highlight the significant delay in their academic progress, urging the Talibani caretaker government to prioritise the reopening of universities this year.

Khadijah, speaking on behalf of many, emphasises, “The education of girls holds immense importance; it reflects the literacy and development of entire families. neglecting it jeopardises the education and advancement of society as a whole,” as reported by TOLO News.

Echoning these sentiments, Narow pleads, “We implore authorities to unlock the doors of schools and universities for girls, as their education is crucial for building a strong and progressive society.”

Concerns are also voiced by university professors, who fear that the continued closure of universities to girls will hinder the country’s progress.

Zakiullah Mohammadi, a respected academic, asserted, “Ensuring equal access to edcuation is fundamental for effective governance and societal advancement.”

Former President Hamid Karzai, during discussions with the Norwegian charge d’affaires, underscored the urgency of reopening educational institutions for girls.

Despite the lack of new announcements from the Taliban regarding the repening, previous assurances from the caretaker government regarding girls’ right to education are remembered.

Since the Taliban’s return to power, schools have barred girls beyond the sixth grade, and now over a year later, female student find themselves denied access to university education as well, TOLO Neews reported.

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