Neither Islam nor people’s rights will be compromised: Kabir

Mawlawi Abdul Kabir, who spoke at a conference with religious scholars and tribal elders in Khost, said that the caretaker government of Afghanistan does not want tension with any country.

Kabir said: “We cannot compromise with anyone over the Islamic government and Islamic principles and rules because we have sacrificed for this government.”

In a part of his speeches, the deputy PM for political affairs added that under the name of inclusive government, the Islamic Emirate will not allow the members of the previous governments to be included in the current government.

This official of the Islamic Emirate said: “Foreign mercenaries, thieves and looters should be included in this government, this is what the world says is an inclusive government!” Neither the Islamic Emirate nor the zealous people of Afghanistan can tolerate this.”

Meanwhile, the acting Minister of Vice and Virtue in the meeting said that the stability of an Islamic government is the responsibility of the Islamic Emirate.

Mohammad Khalid Hanafi, the acting Minister of Vice and Virtue, said: “We are not obligated — whether a country recognizes us or not, but we are obligated (to ensure) the Islamic system has penetrated a piece of land ruled by our government.”

In this conference, some tribal elders asked the Islamic Emirate to make more efforts to strengthen the unity between the different ethnic groups of the country.

“We ask the officials of this government to deal with the problems of the people in a timely manner and prove in practice that this system was created for the people,” said Layeq Mangal, an elder of a tribe.

“We ask the guests who came to this province [officials of the caretaker government] to pay serious attention to the education sector, build roads and electricity, and also to provide facilities for our people that must travel to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,” said Salam Khan Kochai, another elder of a tribe.

Earlier, a number of countries called for the creation of an inclusive government, respect for human rights, especially women’s rights, as basic preconditions for interaction and recognition of the caretaker government.

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