On TV, a Pakistani filmmaker degrades women. However, the crowd applauded.

Looking at the recording of a talk show that saw a slew of misogynistic comments by Pakistani screenwriter and director Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar, it’s hard to tell who was more disparaging—Qamar or the audience that cheered the artist who worked on Meray Paas Tum Ho, Kaaf Kangana and more. He also garnered massive support online. The 60-year-old who is often in the news for his sexist comments, has a new dispatch: ‘Women should stick with men who cheat because there is “no one better”.

His comments prompted Pakistan’s national daily Dawn to publish an op-ed that urged the banning of his TV appearances. “It’s time for talk show hosts and media channels to cease providing a platform for Qamar’s harmful views. His ability to dismiss criticism and trivialise serious issues on these platforms is not just shameful but also contributes to normalising toxic ideologies.”

He stressed how men are worse than women because they are “manufactured” that way.

“It is a man’s instinct to cheat. How many men will you leave? Else manufacture an ideal man if you want. (Women) have to control men with their loyalty,” he added.

He also said he considers himself a feminist and would write Aurat March slogans for free. His condition? He wants them to get rid of their ‘ganda, ghaleez naara’ (horrible, disgusting slogan) — Mera Jism, Meri Marzi.

If that wasn’t enough, he added, they (the women) will die, but not stop taking these slogans because they are paid for it.

He also aimed his gun at actor Saba Qamar. He said the dress she wore at a recent awards function was something that “troubled his heart”.

As a “progressive” man, he also believes the reason for the lack of good education is because of “co-education” because when women were not easily available, men used to work hard.

According to him, co-education leads to “more supply” of women and hence distracts men.

Can’t get enough
In 2020, the screenwriter was called out by actor Mahira Khan for his views on women. In an earlier interview, he added that women who don’t have modesty are non-women to him.
In 2021, he commented on the horrendous killing of Noor Muqadam, he blamed her killing on the “dirty narrative of feminists’. In 2022, he abused a guest, calling her badtameez aurat, on national TV for her support of Aurat March and its slogan.

Yet, Pakistani TV can’t get enough of him. The comments under the show’s video on YouTube show why. They are uncritically appreciative of him.

“KRQ is such an interesting personality and I would agree with almost all of his views,” wrote one user. Another called Qamar his hero and “an educated sorted man”.

A dissenting user wrote, “He has very conveniently given “infidelity right” to a man on a plate as if it’s his birthright to do so – very easily he has labelled all the men as born cheaters – Ppl following him should totally get a life”.

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