Mosque fridge loaded with weapons in Shah Faisal Colony

An intelligence-based raid was jointly conducted by the Al-Falah and Shah Faisal Colony police. The weapons were in a fridge that was kept on the rooftop. The weapons included three sub-machineguns, one light machine gun, two shotguns, three pistols, one rifle, and over 500 ammunitions. The weapons had been sent to the forensic division of the police for examination.

Thieves arrested

The Sahil police arrested three suspects for stealing car tapes, panels, and mirrors from expensive cars. Bilal, Yasir, and Umair recently stole a panel of a car parked under an apartment building in Defence Housing Authority. A case was registered at the Sahil police station and the police traced and arrest the suspects involved in the theft. Police said the gang comprised seven members and three of them had been arrested. The suspects were identified as.

Woman found dead

The body of a missing woman was found in an underground water tank at her maternal uncle’s house in Nazimabad. Rescuers transported the body to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital where she was identified as 30-year-old Noreen Naveed. The family said the woman was mentally unwell and she had gone missing two days ago. Police and her family were searching for her and found the body in the water tank of her uncle’s house, which is right next to their house.

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