Information Minister accusing former Prime Minister for the inflation in the country

Islamabad, Pakistan:  

“A conspiracy project, launched by Imran Khan, was executed in the country through the foreign funds received by his party during different periods including 2008-13, 2013-18 and 2018-22,” the Express Tribune reported Marriyum as saying.

“Imran tried to weaken the parliamentary system and democracy in 2013 under the project which came into effect in 2008,” Marriyum added, alleging the PTI chief instigated his workers to attack the Supreme Court building and launch civil disobedience campaign bringing political instability in the country.

Blaming Imran Khan for the country’s faltering economy, Marriyum asserted that he took a wrong decision by approving the appointment of Sikandar Sultan Raja as the Chief Election Commissioner, and said that Khan rendered the youth jobless and is responsible for the current crises which were created to fulfil the commitments made with foreign funders, the Express Tribune reported.

“These were the milestones, delivery points and commitments which Imran made to his funders in exchange for the foreign funding,” she said, adding that the followers of the PTI chief would have to ask him where the funds were spent.

“Imran was miserably exposed before the nation after the Election Commission of Pakistan’s (ECP) verdict in the PTI prohibited funding case,” she said.

According to the Express Tribune, the minister said Imran misled the nation by consistently telling lies over a case that was investigated by the ECP for eight years and remarked the funds were also received in the personal accounts of other PTI leaders including Asad Qaiser, Imran Ismail, Shah Farman, Saifullah Niazi and others.

Since her days as information secretary of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Marriyum Aurangzeb has accused Imran Khan of introducing dirt and filth into Pakistan’s politics.

The foreign funding case is pending since November 14, 2014, and it was filed by PTI founding member Akbar S Babar who had alleged that there are some financial irregularities in the PTI’s funding from Pakistan and abroad.

On January 4 this year, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP)’s scrutiny committee submitted its report on the PTI’s foreign funding case after 95 hearings.

The ECP’s committee was formed in March 2018.

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