The Gurudwaras in Rawalpindi are being used as abattoirs and meat shops

The historical Gurudwara Sri Damdama Sahib, situated in Raja Bazaar, Rawalpindi was built by Baba Khem Singh Bedi in 1876. This place of worship is being used as aabattoir and meat shop by the locals. The Gurudwara is neglected by the authorities and is in dilapidated condition. The meat shops are situated along the main entrance of the Gurudwara for the past many years. Apart from meat shops, more than a dozen shops are being run from the Gurudwara premises. The said Gurudwara has a huge ‘sarai’ (accommodation for travellers) and has around 70-75 spacious rooms. The ground floor has a huge Langar Bhawan (community kitchen), Prakash Asthan (sanctum), Sukhasan Asthan (resting place for holy book) and Joda Ghar (place for footwear). All such properties have been illegally occupied by the families of the local shopkeepers.

            Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha located in Galha Mandi, Sahiwal has a huge building. The local administration has occupied the said gurudwara and has converted it to City Police Station.

            Another Gurudwara named Gurudwara Qila Sahib, built in remembrance of Guru Hargobind Singh along with about 20 such historical Gurudwaras are located in Guru Nanakpura Mohalla, District Hafizabad. These historical Gurudwaras are either converted into tombs, graves or shrines.

The local Sikhs have raised such issues of illegal occupation by local police and private individuals several times. Moreover, many Gurudwaras have been desecrated by using them as meat shops, tombs, shrines and even as sheds for the animals. The Sikh community has alleged that ETBP and PSGPC have no regard for the Sikh religious sentiments. Pakistan Government is misleading Sikhs and the international community by maintaining only a handful of Gurudwaras in Pakistan, whereas there are hundreds of such structures of historical significance that are being ruined and defiled across the country.

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