Highest no. of violence against women in May: Pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan: Pakistan is not able to control violence against women. In the previous month of May, Pakistan has reported most number of rape, kidnaping and violence against women.

As per the report data, the maximum number of cases amongst all the indicators of women and child abuse were reported from Punjab province, followed by Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Regarding the data, the Executive Director of SSDO, Syed Kausar Abbas said, “The aim of regularly publishing this data is to bring attention to the rapid increase in violence against women and children. Just this month, over 300 different cases of this nature occurred. We hope that with increased media attention and reporting, the government, police, and judiciary dedicate their attention to speedy processing, resolution, and punishment.”

As per the report, out of the total 131 reported cases of kidnapping in the country, 96 were from Punjab province. Sindh reported 23 cases, followed by 11 cases from KP and one from Islamabad, while no cases of kidnapping were reported from Balochistan.

Rape cases were the second most reported in the media. Out of the total of 57 cases, Punjab reported the highest of 38 cases, while Sindh reported 13 cases followed by 3 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 2 cases from Islamabad. Only one case was reported from Balochistan, The News International reported citing the report.

Similarly, 49 cases of violence against women were reported in media. Punjab again reported the maximum number of 38 cases and 9 cases were reported from Sindh. KP reported 2 cases while no cases were reported in Balochistan and Islamabad.

Pakistan reported 23 cases of domestic violence where Punjab province reported 15 cases, 6 cases were reported in Sindh, while KP and Islamabad reported 1 case respectively and no cases from Balochistan of domestic violence.

The report said that a total of 22 women were killed in the name of honour with Punjab reporting 14 cases, KP reporting 5 cases and Sindh reporting 3 cases, whereas no case was reported from Balochistan and Islamabad.

Punjab reported 2 cases of workplace harassment, the total in the country.

Amongst the caes of child abuse, the country reported 43 cases of child abuse in the month of May, with Punjab reporting the maximum of 22 cases, followed by 11 in KP and 7 in Sindh.

The report also stated that zero cases were reported in the media all over Pakistan for the other two indicators, child labour, and child marriage adding, “This does not mean that no such cases took place.”

The report released by SSDO and CRDC was compiled after the organisations conducted daily tracking of several mainstream newspapers against nine indicators of violence against women and children, The News International reported.

The selection criteria of the newspapers, was based on being the most famous, accessible, and most-read newspapers in Pakistan. This data is published every month on SSDO’s official website, while both organisations also publish a consolidated report annually.

Meanwhile, it was earlier reported that Pakistan’s Global Gender Gap Index has worsened over time. In 2017, Pakistan ranked 143, slipping to 148 in 2018.

According to the last year’s ‘Global Gender Gap Report 2021’, Pakistan ranked 153 out of 156 countries on the gender parity index, that is, among the last four.

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP)’s recent report said that in Pakistan, at least 11 rape cases are reported daily with over 22,000 such incidents reported to police in the last six years (2015-21).

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