Pakistan and Israel-Twine Brothers

A delegation of 15 Pakistani Americans visited Israel recently and
caused a tempest in a teapot in Pakistan where the people are taught from
their childhood that Israel is No.1 enemy of Islam but they are not told where
the two conflict ideologically. The 2020 accord which the United Arab
Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain signed with Israel was named Abraham Accord
to emphasise the commonality of the fatherhood of Jews and Muslims.
Pakistan, which claims it to be the citadel of Islam, does not have
diplomatic relation with Israel and does not allow its citizens to visit Israel or
play games with it. That is the reason why there is so much of hue and cry
over the Israel visit of Pakistani Americans.
Whatever they teach in madarsas or in primary classes of government
schools in Pakistan, many educated adults are unsure of Pakistan’s Israel
policy. Even the country’s military dictators Gen Ziaul Haq (1977-88) and
Gen Pervez Musharraf (1999-2007) had soft corner for Israel but were afraid
of those who could launch a campaign against them if they signalled
recognition of Israel. Now that Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, are
relaxing their attitudes towards Israel, many enlightened Pakistanis make
bold to speak their mind in public. Leader the Pakistan-American interfaith,
which visited Israel, Naila Ali replied to ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan’s
criticism of the Israel visit by saying: “stop using Muslim women
peacemakers to yield your lost power”, she asked Imran to stop maligning
women (in fact, in his 44 months rule, Imran has perfected the art of
maligning his opponents. He linked the Israel visit to the alleged American
conspiracy to throw out his government.
One sees a lot of hypocrisy in Pakistan about relations with Israel. In
the 1980s when Pakistan was fighting American Jihad against the Soviet
troops in Afghanistan, Israeli military advisers were in Peshawar to help
Pakistani/US jihadis against the Soviet troops. The then Gen Zia government
hide this information from the public, but the then National Awami Party
(NAP) Supremo Khan Abdul Wali Khan spilled the beans. He disclosed in a
Press Conference the name of hotel in which the Israelis were staying. But
the Press played down this news – apparently under official orders.
An interesting aspect of the Israelis’ presence in Pakistan was the
Jamaat-i-Islami, the Chief of which called Gen Zia his nephew, was in the
Zia government at that time. The party did not raise its eye brows at the
Israeli presence for fear of being thrown out of the government. But outside
the government, it made Israel bashing its Islamic duty.
It is clear that the Israelis were involved in this war as secret backers
of America. There is a possibility that Israelis who know Muslims better than
the Americans do assisted an American university to prepare doctrinal
material to teach jihad to poor village boys in Jamaat-i-Islami and Jammatul-Ulema-e-Islam madarasas which were sprouting all over Pakistan with
American money to produce fodder for the war.
One should note the drastic change between jihad in Pakistan before
the Afghan war and after the war. Before the war, jihad looked non-violent
but after the war it became militant and terrorist. Pakistanis who swear by
jihad must thank the American doctrinal literature. The Pakistani jihadis
today won’t like to be told that the jihad doctrine they follow was designed for
them by America.
Former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s case is pathetic. He married a
Jew wife and received millions of Pounds from his Jew father-in-law to build
up his party and fight elections. The Jamiat-ul-Ulema-i-Islam call him a
Jewish agent in Pakistan. Imran has not been able to rebut Jamiat’s charge
but on the contrary he has taken an anti-Jew stand by criticising Pakistani
Americans visit to Israel and their meeting with its President Isaac Herzag.
Imran alleged the US had tasked the present government to recognise Israel
and compromise with India on Kashmir.
This is one of Imran’s desperate reaction to Pakistani American’s visit
to Israel at a time when he trying to project himself as a true Muslim and
While the Muslims and Jews have common fatherhood in Abraham,
Pakistan and the Jew State, Israel, have their common creator in the British.
The British decided to agree to Jews’ longstanding demand to rehabilitate in
Palestine. The Jews told the British that God had promised this land to them
when they were slaves in Egypt. But, clever as they were, British first created
a Muslim State, Pakistan, by breaking up India, so as to dismiss Muslim
world’s objections to the creation of a Jew State, Israel, in Palestine. Thus,
India paid for the rehabilitation of Jews in their promised land.
Pakistanis may not like it, but it is a fact of history that their country and
Israel are twin children of the British machination.

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