Protest over arrest of Baloch woman in Pakistan

Quetta, Balochistan: Women came out in large number to participate in the protest led by Mama Qadeer, the Vice Chairman of the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, Pakistan vernacular media reported against the arrest of Noor jehan.

While addressing the protesters, many Baloch leaders said, “Counter-Terrorist Department is now arresting our women folk after our youths. The arrest of Noor Jehan by CTD is condemnable.”

The Baloch leaders said that the government agencies had first forcefully arrested the youths and then made them disappear without a trace and after some time their tortured and mutilated bodies were found far from their homes.

“Now they are arresting our women also. It is intolerable. They demanded that Noor Jehan should be released immediately. Otherwise, we will be forced to take some strong steps and the government and its agencies will be responsible for it,” Baloch leaders said.

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