Girls being forced to change their religion in Pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan: A Hindu girl Pooja Kumari was killed last month in Pakistan. The incident happened in Sindh province.

Condemning this incident, Pakistan Today said this is not the first time such an incident has happened as there have been several and repeated incidents of killings, abductions and forced conversions of Hindu women in Pakistan, especially in Sindh.

Although the killer was arrested, the Pakistan newspaper asked the question raised by critics that when this would end and what the authorities have done to stop it?

Pakistan political analysts say that the PPP or other parties will not go against the hardline religious figures and personalities over the fear of losing votes.

“PPP has failed to protect minorities. The provincial administration should be pressurised into providing security to non-Muslim communities,” said Dr. Jaipal Chhabria, a member of the National Commission of Minorities.

Hindu Member of National Assembly (MNA) of Lal Malhi, said, “PPP’s Sindh government even do not allow the poor Hindus to protest, as police stop protesting mourners carrying dead body of Pooja.”
Pakistan analysts say there is mass indifference among the people of Pakistan because religion is involved. According to the expert, many in the country actually wholeheartedly support these conversions.

“The time is ripe for the government of Sindh concerned to contemplate a long-lasting solution of this burning issue to safeguard the rights of minority girls and women,” maintains analyst Shaikh Abdul Rasheed.

“This will help them enjoy a carefree life beyond forced conversions and marriages with people of other religions. All of this is encouraged and supported by religious fanatics.”

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