More than 25 people filled no confidence motion against PM Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi: He decided to resign

Islamabad, Pakistan:

As many as 25 members of the ruling PTI in PoK had filed a no-confidence motion against their own PM Niazi, accusing him of failing to implement the party manifesto and creating a mess.

The motion, which has been filed under Article 18 says Niazi has lost the confidence of the parliamentary party due to non-implementation of the party manifesto, mismanagement, nepotism and breach of merit.

The PTI MLAs have proposed the name of Sardar Tanveer Ilyas for the PM’s slot. He is the PTI regional head.

It may be recalled that Niazi had removed five of his ministers from the ministry earlier in the morning, reported The Nation.

According to the sources, Sardar Abdul Qayyum after sacking the ministers also decided to resign from his seat.

The removed ministers include Tanveer Ilyas, Abdul Majid Khan, Ali Shan Soni, Khawaja Farooq and Akbar Ibrahim, reported The Nation.

A spokesperson of the PoK prime minister said that they have been sacked for misconduct and alleged corruption.

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