Increase in polarisation is a matter of concern: Pakistan Journalist and Human rights activists

Islamabad, Pakistan:

In a joint statement, HRCP chairperson Hina Jailani, Secretary-General Harris Khalique, PFUJ President Shahzada Zulfiqar and Secretary-General Nasir Zaidi said that in the charged political atmosphere there is a real danger of a violent clash among political parties in the run up to the National Assembly (NA) session convened on Friday to take up the vote of no confidence against the prime minister, The News International reported.

According to the statement, breakdown of law and order and violent clash will not only undermine a constitutional political process inside the House but also play directly into the hands of undemocratic forces.

Being nonpartisan, the PFUJ and HRCP believe in upholding principles of democracy, constitutionalism and parliamentary supremacy wherein the Parliament is allowed freely to perform its functions under the Constitution, The News International.

“We have high hopes in the wisdom and sagacity of all political parties to heed the voice of reason and caution”, the statement further said.

The Opposition parties in Pakistan are jettisoning mutual hatred to oust Imran Khan as they submitted the no-trust motion in the National Assembly secretariat on March 8.

Khan is set to face a no-confidence vote against him today.

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