Violence against women and children increased in Pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan: The number of cases of violence against women and children in Pakistan has seen a steep increase.

Sustainable Social Development Organization (SSDO) published a report entitled “State of Violence against Women and Children in Pakistan: District Wise Analysis” to provide accurate data on the prevalence and statistics of violence against women and children, reported Daily Times.

In terms of violence against women and children, the statistics showed dismal results, as there was not only a stark increase in cases from the year 2020 but also a large increase from the first half of the year.

SSDO officially launched the annual report for 2021 on Thursday and presented some key statistics at the National Press Club, Islamabad.

This report is published bi-annually, with data collected via two means: media tracking of Pakistan’s six most widely read newspapers (3 in Urdu and 3 in English) and data from the government on officially registered cases with the police by filing Right to Information (RTI) requests, reported Daily Times.

This is the first report of its kind where the data collection is not based on estimates or projections, but through official data gathered from the police in terms of FIRs registered.

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