86% less Pakistan confident to get job

Islamabad, Pakistan: A Consumer Confidence Survey was conducted in Pakistan in which 86 per cent of people are less confident about job security compared to last year.

This “Consumer Confidence Survey” was conducted by Ipsos, a market research company.

Unemployment and inflation are the top issues of concern for the citizens since August 2019, the Dawn newspaper reported citing the survey on Tuesday.

During the study, 1,048 people were interviewed across the country in which as many as 80 per cent of respondents believed that they are heading in the wrong direction and also the situation had worsened by 7 per cent in the last year.

Asked about the most worrying issue for them, 44 per cent of the respondents said it was inflation, 16 per cent said it was unemployment and 11pc said increasing poverty was the major issue.

The survey also stated that 41 per cent of respondents felt that the Pakistani economy is weak and the ratio is increased by 14 per cent points in the last year. Meanwhile, merely 8 per cent of the population rated the current economy as “strong”.

The study also claimed that compared to the same month last year, Pakistan Consumers’ Confidence Index had gone down by 8.3 points which were the lowest among the similar emerging markets.

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