Tell us about our missing friends: Balochistan students protest against missing students

Islamabad, Pakistan: Student and Islamabad police had a clash as the students protest for the release of the missing students.

According to students, plain-clothed officials snatched their mobile phones and dismantled the protest camp, reported local media.

Students activists claim that the peaceful protesters were unnecessarily manhandled and beaten by the Police.

As per the latest development, the Baloch students have blocked the main road in Islamabad, reported local media.

Balochistan’s Human Development Index (HDI) ranks below 0.40 as compared to the other provinces of Pakistan that lie above 0.50. Within Pakistan, Balochistan lags far behind other provinces and 15 out of Pakistan’s least-developed districts are in Balochistan.

Meanwhile, enforced disappearances and arbitrary killings of Balochs have also become a new ‘normal in the region’.

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