Pakistan Army’s Dirty Game, Trolls Indian Army on social Media

Islamabad, Pakistan: According to Digital Forensics, Research and Analytics Center, Pakistan has launched a proxy war against India for the last several decades.

Despite humiliating defeat in the last four wars, Pakistan no longer tries to confront India directly. But, sometimes it conducts attacks by sending terrorists from across the border and sometimes tries to harm India’s internal security through its henchmen.

Thousands of Twitter accounts operating from Pakistan turn any issue against India into an international issue within a few hours. Further, these accounts from Pakistan are not only in the name of Pakistani users but are also with foreign names such as Chinese, Russian, Turkish, American.

This entire propaganda of Pakistan appears to be based on China’s Little Pink Army or Internet Water Army. Such as Chinese social media influencers are targeting foreign countries.

A Twitter account named Liza Wang was created in August 2019. As per DFRAC, the old username of this account is @Maleehaaa__. Whereas the user ID of this account is 116604561615757312. This account is a Pakistani account. However, it is Operated under the name of Chinese user Liza Wang with the aim of misleading people.

Moreover, the account describes itself as a journalist and a column writer. While, looking at the wall of this account, it can be seen that this account not only spreads anti-India propaganda but also promotes the Gwadar project under the ambitious China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Furthermore, this account had tweeted many anti-India tweets regarding the ongoing hijab controversy in Karnataka, DFRAC said.

The most frequently used hashtag is #Pakistan. After that are # cpec , # gwadar , #beautiful Pakistan, #china, etc.

While other account named Josie William was created in June 2021. The old username for this is account @ PapaPrinces4 ( Hira Yusuf). Whereas the user ID of this account is 1400120091664998400. This account is also actually the account of a Pakistani user. This account has been created in the name of a travel blogger to deceive people. Most of the tweets made from this account are related to the Gwadar project. Along with this, this account also promotes Pakistan Tourism. Apart from this, this account has also tweeted anti-India tweets related to the hijab controversy, DFRAC revealed further.

Likewise, there are thousands of accounts found on Twitter promoting propaganda against India

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