Opposition slams Imran khan govt for economic devastation

Islamabad, Pakistan: Addressing a party workers’ convention in Peshawar, Bilawal said PPP had already announced “waging a war against this incompetent government,” reported Dawn.

“This government had promised a change but it only pushed masses into economic crisis. The PTI after coming to power had vowed to provide 10 million jobs, but it rendered several people jobless in its three and a half years of power,” Bilawal said.

He chided the ruling government saying that PPP does not approach institutions to topple the government.

“We are not a party that attacks the judiciary or approaches other institutions with a request to topple a government. We are also not a party that storms the PTV headquarters or parliament to get its demands accepted,” he said.

Bilawal on Tuesday approved the route plan for the party’s planned long march. Party’s planned long march would initiate from Karachi on February 27, he said. The march will begin from Karachi and will reach Islamabad in 10 days after passing through 34 different cities of Sindh and Punjab.

Earlier Bilawal, on World Social Justice Day, stated that ensuring social justice was the “key to make the country peaceful, progressive and prosperous.”He said that the “selected” and “puppet” incumbent government has plunged the people of Pakistan into poverty.

The PPP chairman stated that social justice was the cornerstone of PPP’s ideology and struggle, The Express Tribune reported.

“We [PPP] are working to empower the weaker sections of society, including women,” he said, emphasising that the decisions of the PPP government had enabled the weak and vulnerable to dream of a better future.

Bilawal further claimed that his party would continue to be a powerful voice for “silent citizens”.

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