Take back the increased power tariff: Pakistan Opposition

Technicians work to clean power transmission tower in Karachi, Pakistan, December 7, 2018. REUTERS/Akhtar Soomro - RC11E816FCB0

Lahore, Pakistan: Amid the economic crisis in the country the Pakistan government had increased power tariff. Opposition is demanding to take back the order.

Censuring the PTI government’s PKR 6 per unit electricity tariff hike, Sharif said increasing the already unbearable power tariffs after “dropping massive petrol price hike bomb on the nation” was completely and utterly unacceptable”, reported The Express Tribune.

“Imran should not incite further wrath of God because of the curses of people of the country who are buried under the financial crisis,” the media outlet quoting him as saying.

Slamming Imran Khan government over inflation, the PMLN President said the rise in petrol prices had already increased the price of everything, including essential commodities, exponentially.

“The increase of Rs 4 per litre in the petrol development levy on top of Rs 12 per litre was another injustice to people. The government legislates in the interest of the IMF but cooked up excuses of not having two-thirds majority when it comes to legislating relief for the people,” the Pakistan publication quoted Sharif as saying.

Sharif termed the 125 per cent rise in energy imports a cause of “serious concern”, adding that the people were helpless but “Niazi and his government were in a state of complete willful denial”.

“People of Pakistan have been suffering miserably for the past four years because of the PTI-led government while it has been busy making lame excuses minting money through corruption,” he said as per the Pakistani newspaper.

Terming the current PTI regime ‘tyrannical’, Sharif said that Imran Khan was “obsessed” with controlling opponents and critics rather than inflation.

Notably, amid Pakistan’s dwindling economy, power tariffs in the country are expected to rise up to Rs 6.10 per unit in the upcoming month of April, as per media report.

Last week, on Tuesday, the Pakistan government dropped a “petrol bomb” on the masses by increasing the prices of petroleum products by up to Rs 12.03 per litre.

On February 12, National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) had increased power tariffs by Rs 3.09 per unit, to be charged in the bill of February, according to a notification released by the authority.

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