People using Hijab controversy for their own benefit

New Delhi: Whole hijab controversy is quite contrary to the general peaceful environment in the schools, colleges and universities in India, reported India Blooms.

India is a country where law and order and social control prevail; therefore, anti-social people do not have free will. It is expected that the Karnataka protests would soon fizzle out.

The controversy was uncalled for as Government Girls PU College Karnataka issued the order for common dress code based on already existing Section 133 (2) of the Karnataka Education Act, 1983, but the politically motivated groups tried to utilise this as an opportunity to divide the students aiming at destabilising the social fabric of the state and the country. India prides itself in its principle and practice of democracy and “unity in diversity”, reported India Blooms.

The Karnataka High Court, which has received petitions against the order, has assured that the judgment would be based on “the constitution” and not on emotions.” Indian educational institutions represent a rainbow culture in which, not only the constitutional spirit of “secularism” is maintained in “words and spirit”, but also no discrimination is done on the basis of gender, religion, caste, creed and region.

In most of the parts of the country and in almost all the private schools, the students have a dress code, which they comply without any objection including Muslim students.

Given the pluralist and assimilative nature of Indian culture (Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb), society and polity such divisive tendencies would not be tolerated either by the people or the government.

The directives about dress code by a Karnataka college needs to seen in proper perspective, that is, they aim to instill and foster cosmopolitan and national identity as “common identity” for all the students rather than camouflaging personal, religious, regional or any other local identity without interfering with personal faith and choices, reported India Blooms.

A pluralist country like India has allowed its multiple identities to survive and flourish together through ages and that continues even while making India a “modern state.” This needs no evidence

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