Islamic Emirates detained our son: Family of missing MoD in Kabul

According to Javad Jafari’s family, two nights ago some individuals claiming to be members of the Islamic Emirate, entered their house at 8 pm without a court order and forcibly arrested him and took him to an unknown location.

“They drew guns on us, they did not ask anyone, they just said ‘we are from the Islamic Emirate.’ They beat Javad and dragged him out of the house,” said Feriba, Javad’s wife.

“We are very scared, we ask the Islamic Emirate to free my father safe and alive,” said Ali Sajad, Javad’s son.

Javad’s family and residents of Kabul called on the security forces to abide by the amnesty decree of the supreme leader of the Islamic Emirate.

“They were neither thieves nor kidnappers, no one but the Islamic Emirate,” said Ghulam Haidar, Javad’s brother.

“Arbitrary detentions are so disturbing that now people cannot sleep–even in their own homes–for fear,” said Khudadad, Javad’s relatives.

“Where is the general amnesty? We ask the Islamic Emirate–the general amnesty they announced–why do they not follow up?” said Mohammad Reza, a resident of Kabul.

Meanwhile, the Kabul Police Command denied the arrest of the former government officer by the Islamic Emirate forces.

“This person was not arrested by our police chief, we are trying to find out the truth,” said Khalid Zadran, spokesman of the Kabul Police Command.

This comes as senior officials of the caretaker government, especially the leadership of the security forces, had called on their forces to not arbitrarily arrest people without informing the Ministry of Interior.

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