People’s Justice Front organised seminar; said Pakistan misleading Kashmir

Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India: The speakers in the People’s Justice Front came from different social and political backgrounds put forth their views regarding unity, peace and brotherhood. Speakers emphasized the role of education and cultural coherence.

While addressing the gathering, Agha Syed Abbas Rizvi, the president of J-K People’s Justice Front, said that we should educate our young ones about tolerance and peace.

Speaking about the current social scenario Rizvi said that the biggest threat to present-day youth is drug addiction.

He said, “We see in Afghanistan the children were kept away from modern education for decades and this gave rise to extremist ideology and rise of Taliban and other terrorist organisations, all at the behest of Pakistan. The lack of education had destroyed the generations there”.

The culture of madrasas in Pakistan has given birth to factories of terrorists. This has impacted the peace and unity of the whole region.

Agha Sahab also conveyed that similarly, our youths have become disoriented due to the subversive activities carried out by our neighbouring country. Our youths want to be teachers, doctors, administrators but have been swayed towards terrorism and drug addiction.

“You people may be surprised that our neighbouring country observes Solidarity Day for Kashmiris. What kind of solidarity is it? Our youths are misled and forced to terrorism and drug addiction. We need to call this bluff and save our youths by providing them good modern education so that they can be good and responsible citizens”, said Agha Sahab.

Another social activist and a prominent figure Ali Mohammad Parray said that teachers and parents have an important role to play in the present situation; as today’s world is an era of technology and kids have easy access to the social evils too. “We should keep eye on our wards so that they can be taught proper good education and guided on moral-social aspects”, he said.

This seminar was also addressed by Mohammad Umar, a social activist who highlighted the role of teachers in spreading brotherhood and peace.

Master Abdul Naheem also spoke at the event and said that brotherhood and tolerance is the key to progress.

He stressed that children shall be given pens in their hands, not guns or drugs. He cited an example of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan where people are opposing polio vaccination as they think that it might cause infertility. They attack the people who visit their homes to vaccinate the young children for their good health. This ignorance is due to a lack of proper education.

Mr Adil Hussain, a political activist, highlighted the role of educated people to bring an end to social evils like dowry and drug addiction.

Agha Syed Mubashir Kazmi Coordinator JKPJF also spoke at the event and said that religious scholars should also highlight the role of formal and modern education so that the goal of peace, justice and unity could be achieved.

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