IS Pakistan’s National Security Policy strong enough to protect the estate

Islamabad, Pakistan: “The lingering dispute over Kashmir with India is threatening ‘regional’ security but Pakistan doesn’t want to have war with India for the next 100 years,” says the NSP document.

However, this is not the first time that Pakistan has articulated this as the same thing was said by Pakistan’s Army Chief Gen Bajwa, said Islam Khabar.

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, to Nawaz Sharif every moderate leader has been forced to do a U-turn on dealing with India and on trade with India and this NSP, is nothing but Pakistan in ‘self-denial mode’.

In fact, NSP fails to come to grips with the twin dangers -Mullah-Maulvi led Islamist radicalism and the state-aided and abetted terrorism export, reported the news portal.

It is this reality that makes the NSP a laughing statement more so as it advocates platitudes for ‘good governance, ‘desire for welfare state’, ‘prosperity through economic-human security’, ‘setting the house in order, ‘peace with itself and others’ and ‘rule of law’, reported Islam Khabar

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