Only 24% women literate in Balochistan: Pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan: Balochistan is the most neglected providence in terms f health, employment and girl’s education in whole Pakistan. Only 24 per cent of the women in the region are literate.

According to Pakistan Today citing a non-governmental organisation report that 76 per cent of Balochistan’s girls as out of school with a primary enrollment of 322,000 girls; of whom only 20,046 persist after they finish their matriculation.

The Pakistani publication said that Balochistan is the richest-in-resources province of Pakistan with a small population of 12.34 million, but still the most neglected among all the four provinces – especially when it comes to education, health and employment.

Girls, in particular, are going through challenging times owing to a cries of educational facilities despite the human rights charter of the United Nations, declaring education as a basic human need.

Meanwhile, Balochistan’s poverty ratio is going from bad to worst.

At least 37 per cent population of Pakistan is suffering from malnutrition, said chairperson of the women parliamentarian forum in the Balochistan Assembly Dr Rubaba Khan Buledi, adding that this ratio rises to nearly 50 per cent in Balochistan.

As per a nutrition survey, more than one-third of the children are victims of malnutrition in the country and the majority of these children are from Sindh and Balochistan provinces, Express Daily reported.

Dr Buledi said that Nutrition Stabilization Centers are being established in Balochistan with the help of the World Health Organization for taking care of the children suffering from malnutrition.

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