Amid Pakistan’s soaring inflation, transporters in Shangla go on strike to protest toll tax collection

Shangla, Pakistan: Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) has applied the toll tax in their area. Transporters from Purana and Makhozi n the Shangla districts are opposing the decision and went on wheel jam.

Pakistan’s inflation rates are soaring and amid this transporters are having a tough time paying the toll tax.

The transporters warned that they will not call off the strike until and unless the collection of toll tax is stopped by the TMA.

Local commuters are facing challenges due to the transporters’ strike. As a part of their protest, the transporters have parked their vehicles at stands and went on strike.

A cab driver, Sultan Ali, shared his side of the story and mentioned that a good chunk of his earnings goes towards the toll tax. He said that he earned Rs 1,200 on two trips, of which, he spent Rs 600 on fuel and Rs 100 on toll tax. He said that the remaining Rs 400 is not even enough to feed his family.

The cab driver said that instead of Rs 100, he was willing to pay Rs 50, each on departure and arrival.

One more driver, Arifullah, said that he would have to go back to Lahore or Karachi for labour as nothing is left in the home district for him to earn his livelihood.

Tehsil municipal officer, Puran, Najeebur Rehman said that they need to collect the toll tax from the transporters to run the TMA with the local revenue.

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