People staged outside governor’s office protesting against the killing of innocent youth: Panjshir

The force of Islamic Emirate has killed innocent people of Panjshir providence. Dozens of people protested against the killing of innocents and staged out of governor’s office.  

The protestors carrying the dead body called on the Islamic Emirate to hold the perpetrators accountable.

They said that the government forces shot dead an innocent resident in Anaba district of the province.

“As the governor, is he governing or killing the people?” a protestor said.

The protestors said that the government should ensure justice and prosecute the perpetrators.

The head of Panjshir’s security department, Abdul Hameed Khurasani, confirmed that a resident was killed by the Islamic Emirate forces due to misinformation.

“He was killed by security forces based on the wrong information they had received. The people protested and came in front of the governor’s office. The Islamic Emirate leadership team’s promise to the people is that anyone who commits such actions will be prosecuted,” he said.

According to Khurasani, the local officials talked to the protestors and the protest ended on Sunday evening.

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