Pak government supporting TTP, media slammed government

Islamabad, Pakistan: Pakistan government is supporting Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) against which the Pakistani media has come out with all the guns, as the organisation is the one who attacked Army public School in which 147 people died in which 132 were children.

The matter came into light on the 7th anniversary of APS tragedy.

Writing for Daily Pakistan, a Pakistani political scientist Abdul Basit said, “If the state gives space to extremists and lets them become stronger and gather support from the masses until they become a potential threat to the security only to be crushed by brute force, the chances of the approach becoming successful are minimal. Frankenstein monsters are hard to chain.
“Creating them for political goals is easy but disposing of them off is a messy thing to do. It is catastrophic. The mistakes must not be repeated,” he added.

This comes as Imran Khan government is holding negotiations with the TTP, which has resulted in widespread criticism from the opposition parties. Last week, TTP announced it would not extend the month-long ceasefire after it accused Islamabad of failing to fulfil its obligations under the agreement.

Earlier this week, former Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari slammed the Imran Khan government for failure to implement the National Action Plan (NAP) against terrorism, adding that the APS tragedy is “still a bleeding wound.”

Zardari had said that until criminals are apprehended, the country will continue to owe the “innocent martyrs.” Former Pak president said that the APS tragedy is “still a bleeding wound.”

The Pakistani Taliban, which is engaged in talks with the Imran Khan government, is yet to show any remorse for the 2014 Peshawar school massacre.

The Pakistani newspaper also had raised questions over the lack of transparency over the terms on which these negotiations with the TTP. It also pointed that there is little to suggest that the terror outfit is ready and willing to relinquish its violent ways.

“Firstly, the removal of the name of the TLP… as a proscribed organisation has set a dangerous precedent in the country, as it came days after its violent protest march to Islamabad. This bizarre move will only strengthen extremists and anti-state elements in the country,” Sehar Kamran, head of the Center for Pakistan and Gulf Studies think tank.

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