Laborer killed in Police custody: people marched against the act in Thatta, Pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan: A labourer was said to be killed in custody of police in Thatta city of Pakistan. A march held against the killing.  

The protesters started their march from Makli and held a sit-in outside the Thatta Press Club.
The labourer, identified as Sadruddin Walhari, was allegedly shot dead in what the Gharo police claims an ‘encounter’ that also left two policemen dead.

“The police team not only killed Sadruddin Walhari in cold blood but also celebrated the murder by waving official arms while their mobile van carrying the body passed by a crowd of local residents who had gathered at the site of the fake encounter,” Daadli Walhari, wife of the deceased, told media persons outside the press club.

Daadli Walhari also informed that she and her family members had been frequenting the police station and offices of higher police officers ever since the incident but were not being obliged to lodge an FIR.

A protestor informed that deceased Walhari went missing after Gharo SHO Mumtaz Brohi and his team picked him up.

Meanwhile, the protestors also raised slogans against SHO Brohi and his subordinates’ and demanded a fair investigation into the “custodial killing” of Walhari.

As reported by Dawn, the official ‘police version’ of the incident claimed that the Gharo police had raided a farmhouse in Makli city to arrest some ‘dacoits’.

The two sides engaged in clashes at the farmhouse, in which one ‘dacoit’ and two constables were killed.

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