Baloch people seen celebrating Pakistan cricket team lose in semi-final of T20 World Cup

Balochistan, Pakistan: Anger of Baloch people on heir government could be seen when they came out on street celebrating Pakistan cricket team’s drubbing in the semi-final of T20World Cup.

Several videos are making rounds on social media, in which exalted Baloch youth could be seen relishing the Australian victory. The videos were also shared by Afghan journalist Habib Khan.

“Baloch joining the roasting Pakistan club and celebrating Australian victory against the terror-sponsoring country,” he tweeted along with a video in which tens of people packed in a room cheered and applauded as soon as the gripping match ended.

Australia defeated Pakistan by 5 wickets in Dubai in the second semi-final to set up a trans-Tasman final against New Zealand on Sunday.

The celebratory mood was also evident on the streets of the province too.

In another video, triumphant people swarmed the streets of Balochistan, dancing on the streets to celebrate the victory of the Australian team.

“Another video from Quetta #Balochistan, Baloch students are also celebrating #Australia’s win against #Pakistan,” a Baloch activist tweeted.

Balochistan is a resource-rich but least developed province of Pakistan where a movement for freedom has been ongoing for the past several decades.

The past few years have witnessed a surge in separatist sentiments in the Balochistan region of Pakistan.

There is also growing unrest due to rising numbers of forced disappearances in the area, which are allegedly being caused by Pakistan’s security forces.

Meanwhile, in several parts of Afghanistan too, the celebration was seen. Jalalabad witnessed fireworks and people danced on the streets of Khost.

“Firework in Jalalabad following Pakistan’s defeat in the cricket World Cup,” Habib Khan tweeted along with a video.

“Afghans in Khost celebrate Pakistan’s embarrassing defeat in the cricket World Cup. This is the Afghan way, with Attan,” he tweeted another video.

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