People staged outside Pakistan embassy in Paris in opposition of Pakistan state sponsored terrorism in J and K

Paris, France: Indians and friends of India staged outside the Pakistan embassy in Paris against the Pakistan sponsored Terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir.

The protest was held on October 22 as on this day in 1947 Pakistan attempted to take over Kashmir by sending armed tribal invaders. Even after 75 years, Pakistan continued to work towards keeping Kashmir unstable by fanning terrorism and made attempts to target minorities in Kashmir, the protesters highlighted.

Waving Indian and French flags, the protesters declared October 22 as the Black Day for global peace.

Posters also highlighted the role played by Pakistan in enabling the Taliban to take over power in Afghanistan as well as the threats from Pakistani radical groups in France.

The protestors issued a memorandum for Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan to express their concerns on the country’s links to terrorism and radical Islam.

The memorandum was read out by Gabriele Brennen, a French filmmaker and Secretary-General of a company organising Indian film festivals in France. The memorandum, apart from condemning Pakistan’s role in promoting terror in Kashmir, raised concerns about the Pakistani government mainstreaming radical groups, which in turn impacted, among other issues, the status of women in the country.

Office bearers of multiple Indian diaspora associations in France participated in the protest to express their solidarity with the residents of Jammu and Kashmir who had for more than seven decades endured Pakistan-sponsored terror. 

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