Pak and terrorist has been killing innocent people for decades in Kashmir

New Delhi, India: Pakistan and the terrorist groups are making life difficult in Kashmir can be seen by the recent killings happened in the region.  

Since 1989, successive chapters of violence have claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people, wrote geopolitical expert Olivier Guillard for French publication Asialyst.

Recently, several incidents of killings of civilians by the terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir have sparked fear in the valley. After the killings of non-locals in Jammu and Kashmir, around 700 people have been detained in the union territory.

Guillard stated that a new wave of violence and targeted assassinations are observed with concern, in a regional context once again marked by serious Indo-Pakistani tensions.

Barely a year-old terrorist group, The Resistance Front (TRF), reportedly claimed responsibility for these various attacks.

The advent of Lashkar-e-Taiba-backed TRF coincides with the decision of the Indian government to bifurcate the former state of Jammu and Kashmir into two regions, the French publication said.

Since January 1, scores of Indian security forces have lost their lives in terrorism in Kashmir, the writer noted. He further highlighted the killing of civilians and politicians that has taken place in the recent past.

“As a reminder, for more than three decades, with a lot of violent attacks, deadly attacks and assassinations, pro-Pakistan separatist rebel groups have been making life difficult in the region of Kashmir,” Guillard said.

Amidst this, the Indian government is determined to ensure that the Kashmiri population and its various components, including the minorities, “do not once again relive the endless human tragedies” of the 1990s, when scores of people had been forced to flee the Kashmir valley, he added. 

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