Imran khan embarrassed Pak Army

Islamabad, Pakistan: Imran embarrassed the Army by sabotaging the fledgling moves to cool things down with India by refusing to open up restricted trade, even in goods that Pakistan desperately needed.

While all these things rankled with the military brass, they were brushed under the carpet.

But Imran Khan crossed the tipping point when he tried to impose himself on the transfers and postings in the army. He is trying to play favourites with officers who he believes will do his bidding.

Pakistan Army’s recent announcement over reshuffle in top ranks was quite routine as three generals were set to retire. It led to the posting of the new people in their place. While it was also needed to transfer some of the generals from staff to command and vice-versa.

The ISI Chief Lt. General Faiz Hameed was posted out of ISI as the new Corps Commander in Peshawar and his replacement was the Corps Commander Karachi.

The publication said that it seemed like a pretty routine considering Hameed had served as ISI Chief for over two and a half years and needed to command a Corps if he had to have any chance to succeed Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa when his second tenure as Army Chief ended next year.

Despite days after the military’s announcement of new postings, the Prime Minister’s Secretariat has still not issued the notification on the appointment of the new Director-General of the ISI.

Clearly, things are on a slippery slope in Islamabad/Rawalpindi now. The immediate crisis, even if tided over, has created an unbridgeable cleavage between Imran and his sponsors in the military.

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