People are struggling because of lack of good governance of PTI

LAHORE: Sirajul Haq, the emir of Jamaat-i-Islami said that because of the lack of good governance, increasing unemployment and inflation in the country is the reason behind the struggle of the common people.

Talking to workers after leading funeral prayers of the Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan at Mansoora, he said the PTI government failed to fix these problems. The JI chief also paid tribute to the late hero for his national services. A large number of people from all walks of life attended the funeral prayer of Dr Khan, better known as Mohsin-i-Pakistan.

Talking to JI workers, he said the ruling party even disappointed its own supporters and wasted three-year of the nation. Referring to his recent weeklong visit to interior-Sindh and south Punjab districts, he said poverty went rampant in the areas and the majority of the residents were even deprived of basic facilities like clean drinking water, hospitals and schools. The federal and provincial governments, he said, left masses in a situation of helplessness and disappointment.

The ruling class, said the JI chief, fought only for the protection of self-interests. There was a visible clash among the interests of the masses and ruling elite, he added. Mr Haq said the governments took massive loans which went to the hands of corrupt people. The nation, he added, later paid the loans with interests. He said the corrupt practices, bad governance and mismanagement must end now and the people of Pakistan should reject the status quo and ruling elite in the elections. The masses, he said, must choose the JI to bring real change.

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