PTI to release new policies against PPP education policy

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf central leader Firdous Shamim Naqvi addressed press conference in which he said that his party would describe all the Pakistan Peoples Party work in the field of education in last 13 years as crime.

Addressing a press conference, Naqvi, who is also a former opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly, issued a white paper against the what he called the “poor performance” of the education department. “Thirteen years ago, 31 per cent of the children were deprived of education, and after 13 years an upward trend has been witnessed to this effect,” he said.

Naqvi claimed that 7,737 schools were running without roofs in the province, and over 1000 schools were housed in a one-room class. “Another 9,000 schools are those where basic necessities are not available and girls schools do not have boundary walls,” he said. “Primary schools in the province do not have staff for cleaning washrooms.”

The PTI leader said that in all 174,000 teachers were in the province and most of them performed their duties. “Free education up to matriculation under the constitution is the responsibility of the government,” he said, adding that the coronavirus had also damaged the education sector. “The literacy rate in Sindh is lower than that in Balochistan,” he claimed. PTI Parliamentary Leader in Sindh Assembly Bilal Ghaffar accompanied him.

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