Pak being innocent in the Taliban support case

Islamabad, Pakistan: As the situation is worsening in Afghanistan, and Pakistan is being blamed to support Taliban, the country to gave itself a clean chit in the eyes of world has said, the accusation of Taliban is not good for the war-torn country like Afghanistan.

The daily pointed out that it was an old counterfeit narrative by Islamabad which wants to project that it supported a dignified Afghanistan. Hundreds of Pakistan Army personnel in disguise of Taliban are committing unforgivable crimes in the country and it is a noted fact that Islamabad has always supported the Taliban as a tool to destroy Afghanistan, the newspaper said.

This, it opined has also led the world’s interest in international diplomacy and political actions to safeguard the people of Afghanistan.

Stating that Pakistan has been the safest place for the Taliban, the daily pointed out that hospitals, homes, schools, food, money, and security have been provided to each Taliban terrorist and their family members. Islamabad, it said, can’t deny this because the strongest voices are the country’s National Assembly members and top security officials as well.

Given Pakistan’s decade-long denial of Taliban sympathies, it is worth noting to look at the recent delivery of the Pakistan army’s dead bodies that were killed by the Afghan security forces in direct clashes, the Afghanistan Times wrote.

Afghanistan has every right to blame Pakistan for the war-torn situation in their country, opines the editorial which said that Pakistan must be forced to take authentic practical steps to close Taliban bases and put an end to the Taliban recruitment from Pakistan madrasas. Unless it does so, Pakistan will itself become a victim of the Taliban, it said. 

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