Afghanistan: law and order raptured, militants from Pakistan sneaking in the country

KABUL: Due to the violence in the Afghanistan, the law and order of the country is raptured and thousands of militants from Pakistan are seeking in the territory every day.

Nabil warned in a Facebook post that the country’s defenses are in shreds and that disaster will be inevitable if the government did not retake Spin Boldak crossing.

The former chief of National Directorate Security said the Pakistani terrorists and militias are taking preparation for a war and direct incursion on Afghanistan soil.

He said that at least 1,000 Pakistani militias slip into Afghanistan on a daily basis through Spin Boldak district and spread across the country. “If this situation falls on deaf ears and the Taliban are not ousted from Spin Boldak, more Pakistani militias and terrorists in Taliban uniform would freely come into Afghanistan,” he said.

Nabil said that terrorists training and recruitment centers have been reactivated in Pakistan and money is collected from those countries which have interest in the spread of extremism in the region to achieve their goals.

Nabil called on the government leadership to pay attention to the current situation in the country instead of going to restaurants or posting comments on twitter.

This comes as a week back Taliban claimed the capture of Spin Boldak from government forces, the issue became so controversial after the first Vice President Amrullah Saleh said that Pakistan has officially warned Afghanistan not to carry out airstrikes against the Taliban in the district, the claim which Pakistan refuted.

This comes as Pakistan said that it deployed army personnel along the Durand line amid the increasing deteriorated security situation in Afghanistan and to prevent refuges influx and the entry of militants into Pakistan. Senior Afghan officials blamed Pakistan for supporting Taliban, earlier, Afghan president Ashraf Ghani alleged that more than 10,000 ‘jihadi’ fighters have entered Afghanistan in one month

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