No action taken by Imran Khan government on free moment of Taliban terrorist in regions of Pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan: Taliban terrorists are roaming freely in regions of Pakistan. A lawmaker has slammed Imran Khan for not taking any action of the act.

Taking to Twitter, Member National Assembly Mohsin Dawar said killers of Afghans and thousands of our people are being supported openly in Pakistan.

Dawar also tagged a video in which scores of people are seen in Quetta riding bikes while holding the flags in support of the Taliban.

Such videos and pictures of support in Pakistan of the Taliban continued to surface on social media.

“Taliban terrorists continue to roam freely in different parts of Pakistan including Quetta. Such brazenness is not possible without the state’s consent. Killers of Afghans and thousands of our people are being supported openly. We will continue to oppose such suicidal policies,” Member National Assembly Mohsin Dawar tweeted.

Earlier this week, Dawar said that Pakistan President Arif Alvi and government officials have openly admitted to Islamabad’s role in Afghanistan and exporting terrorists to the war-torn country.

Speaking in the Pakistan National Assembly on Monday, independent MNA Dawar had said the Taliban are Pakistan’s favourites in Afghanistan.

“Taliban are exported to Afghanistan from here while the FM and President justify Amrullah Saleh’s claims about Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan with their statements. Dead bodies of Taliban fighters are brought back to Pakistan for burial. Taliban continue being supported openly,” Dawar tweeted, sharing a clip of his remarks in the National Assembly.

Since US and NATO forces announced their withdrawal in April, more than 1,000 soldiers of Afghan defense forces have been killed and more than 3,000 civilians have died. Amid the Taliban’s growing offensive, Joe Biden administration is set to exit Afghanistan till the end of August.

Last week, Afghanistan Ambassador to India Farid Mamundzay told ANI that Ashraf Ghani government have from time to again said the presence of Shuras in Quetta and Peshawar and elsewhere in Pakistan, is of great concern to the Afghan government.

“Their families still live there. You may remember that the Taliban delegation visiting for a consultation in Pakistan. So yes they have the support infrastructure currently present in Pakistan.”

The envoy further warned Pakistan that its support to the terrorist organisation will later hurt Islamabad.

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